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Mares Bred/Live Foals Less Than 80%?

"We have been using Body Builder™ for years with very good results. This year we have 162 babies. We had 30 maiden and barren problem broodmares last year which we put on Body Builder™. ALL 30 got in foal first cover!" —Pam Robertson / Brandywine farms

"We are longtime users of Body Builder™ and board approximately 50 mares annually. All of our maiden and barren mares are put on Body Builder in conjunction with being put under lights beginning the 15th of November. We continue these mares on Body Builder™ until they are at least 90 days confirmed in foal to insure the cervix stays tight. We have found Body Builder™ to be most helpful on older mares whose tone has decreased over the years. We have found that increased uterine tone results in fewer trips to the breeding shed. We also administer Body Builder™ to mares immediately after they foal and have found it helps regain the uterine tone after the trauma of foaling."

Brookstown Farm, where Lilacs And Lace (2011 winner of G1 Ashland S.) was foaled and raised, is located in Versailles, Ky. Call (859 983-2880) RW and Judy Hicks with any questions or inquiries.


Rice Bran Oil Extract* contain the natural compound rice bran oil extract. Rice Bran Oil Extract is known to naturally increase production of testosterone in males and estrogen in the females, creating increased fertility, easier conception, and healthier pregnancies. Body Builder™ is a unique, specially formulated emulsified liquid concentrate, which means that the absorption of the compound is greatly enhanced and effective. If a product isn't absorbed it has no positive effect. Body Builder™ gets absorbed!

That is WHY Body Builder™ works, and others don't.

"I have had my studs on Body Builder™ for several years now, and I can tell you that they are more relaxed, more interested and I had more than 80% conception rate. Especially if the mares are also on Body Builder™." — M.P


"I've known about Body Builder™ since 1995 when I was in Taylor Made Farm's intern program. Back then, I was on the yearling Sales Prep. Team and used Body Builder™. Taylor Made Farm/Sales Agency has been a #1 consignor or near the top ever since. When I started my own operation in 2003 as Polo Green Stable, I received several prep horses from Taylor Made as a "Satellite Farm." They didn't specifically ask me to use Body Builder™, but I knew the product works...I continue to use Body Builder™ for sales prep horses and broodmares. I called and Equiade explained Body Builder™ can be used for Broodmares to stimulate their cycles and carry the foal. At that time I had 18 year-old G1 producer who was our best mare...She had started showing her age and losing body condition and not cycling properly. The result was she got pregnant in one cover, and has had three consecutive foals!

Ever since I've been a big believer in Body Builder™ and have bred and raised West Side Bernie (Breeders' Cup Juvenile Colt and Kentucky Derby runner-up), Speightscity (2011 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Colt runner-up), Silk Big Time (Jpn-G2), and also raised Romance Is Diane (Hollywood Starlet-G1) and several stakes horses within less than 10 years of operation from average number of foals 10-12 a year!" — Nobu Araki / Polo Green Stable Versailles, KY

*20 years of success and satisfied customers, we use only the best rice bran oil extract in our supplements. We use nothing but the most expensive and best ingredients, in our propietary blend.That is why we've been the best in the industry.

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